PI-CoPCE Planning Group


PI-CoPCE’s Planning Group is composed of clinicians, researchers, public health specialists, policy advocates and people from community-based organizations (CBOs), community health centers (CHCs), universities and other regional groups. All six Pacific Island U.S. Territories and Freely-Associated States are represented in the Planning Group.

Our Planning Group

Mr. George Cruz USAPI (Saipan); Chamorro Healthcare Administrator (Marians Health), CHC Board Member (Kagman Community Health Center)
Mrs. Christina Stinnett USAPI (FSM,Chuuk); Chuukese Executive Director (Chuuk Women’s Council); Business (Truk Stop Hotel) and  PIDPP
Ms. Melisa Laelan US (Arkansas); Marshallese Executive Director (Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese), PIDPP
Mrs. Fahina Tavake-Pasi  US (Utah); Tongan Executive Director (National Tongan American Society), PIDPP
Dr. Ranald Samoa US (California); Samoan, Niuean Clinician Researcher (City of Hope National Medical Center)
Mr. Tana Lepule US (California); Samoan Community Advocate & Researcher
Dr. Rebecca Delafield US (Hawaii); Chamorro Researcher (University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine)
Dr. Malia Purdy US (Hawaii); Native Hawaiian Community Program Director and Researcher (Malama i ke Ola Health Center & UH JABSOM)
Ms. Innocenta Sound-Kikku US (Hawaii); Chuukese and Carolinian Community Coordinator (Kokua Kalihi Valley Health Center and Micronesian Health Advisory Committee)
Mr. Nena Tolenoa USAPI (Kosrae); Kosraean Executive (Kosrae Community Health Center) and Chairman (Pacific Islander Primary Care Association)
Mr. Romeo Alfred USAPI (RMI); Marshallese Board Chair (Kwajalein Diak Coalition)
Dr. Myra Adelbai USAPI (Palau); Palauan Primary Health Care (Palau Ministry of Health) and Board Member (Pacific Basin Medical Association
Mr. Adam Carbuillido US (Washington DC); Chamorro Policy Director (AAPCHO)
Mr. Jake Fitisemanu US (Utah); Samoan Health Administrator (Utah Department of Health), Council Member (West Valley City), Board Member (APIAHF)
Dr. Nia Aitaoto US (Arkansas & Utah), FSM (Kosrae) and RMI; Samoan Public Health Program Evaluator (RMI Cancer Program, KCHC and AAPCHO) and Researcher (University of Utah and New York University)

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    How can we work together?

    How can we work together?