Working with key advisors from PI-CoPCE, the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations’ (AAPCHO) Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program (PI-DPP) aims to build the infrastructure of local organizations to deliver Pacific Islander-tailored and CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs over the course of five years from 2017-2022. Certified instructors help guide participants to make positive changes to their lifestyle by promoting exercise, encouraging healthier eating habits, and targeting at least a 5% weight loss. PI-DPP aims to reverse prediabetes and decrease the incidence of type 2 diabetes, as well as reduce the risk of other health conditions such as heart disease and stroke, among Pacific Islanders.

AAPCHO is currently working with the organizations listed below, located throughout the Continental United States, Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific to deliver PI-DPP. For more information about PI-DPP, visit https://bit.ly/AAPCHO-PIDPP.  

  • Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese (Arkansas)
  • Belau Medical Clinic (Palau)
  • Chuuk Community Health Center (Chuuk)
  • Chuuk Women’s Council (Chuuk)
  • Kosrae Community Health Center (Kosrae)
  • Kwajalein Diak Coalition (Republic of the Marshall Islands)
  • Marianas Health Services (Saipan)
  • Malama I ke Ola Health Center (Hawaii)
  • National Tongan American Society (Utah)
  • Majuro Wellness Center (Republic of the Marshall Islands)
  • Palau Ministry of Health (Palau)

How can we work together?

How can we work together?