Pacific Health & Wellness Academy


The Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program Training Academy provides standardized training, skills building and quality assurance to further prepare and equip CDC-certified Lifestyle Change Coaches to successfully deliver high quality and culturally-centered lifestyle change programming to Pacific Islander populations in the Continental United States, Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific. The Academy serves to codify core skills and functions needed for successful Lifestyle Coaches working with Pacific Islander populations. 

The Academy offers in-person and virtual continued learning curricula, developed and delivered by content experts in Pacific culture and Lifestyle Change Coaches experienced in behavior change, nutrition, physical activity, and more. 

The Academy is currently available to existing Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program affiliate sites and sample training topics are listed below. For more information about the Academy, email

  • Lifestyle Coach Preparedness: Ready, Set, Go!
  • Understanding the Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program and Requirements
  • Working with Adult Learners: An Overview of Teaching Styles and Tools
  • Motivating and Encouraging Participants for the Entire Year
  • Documenting Lifestyle Change: Getting Accurate and Timely Data 
  • Nutrition Tracking for Low Literacy and Numeracy Participants

How can we work together?

How can we work together?